Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Charles Manson - Speaks

taken from "Manson (1973)"

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i thought i'd upload it on zshare so you can hear it before you download.

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Charles Manson - Unplugged 09.11.67 Volume.1

shout out to Hadji who posted the link over in the comments section of a post at Manson Music Blog

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01-Sick City
02-Run For Fun
03-Clang Bang Clang
04-Home Is Where You're Happy
05-Monkey / Lock & Loll
06-Ego Is A Too Much Thing
07-Now Is The Time
08-The House Of Tomorrow
09-Close To Me
10-She Done Turned Me In
11-Twilight Blues
12-Your Daddy's Home

some but not all of the 67 sessions.

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Monday, December 1, 2008 is back online has been offline for awhile, the site is now back up!!!!

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Charles Manson - Live At San Quentin (**Vinyl Rip**)

shout out to gobacktogo for the rip & links!!

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01-Side A - 28:38
02-Side B - 28:49

01-Boxcar Willie And Big Bad Joe
02-Television Mind
03-Marylin Monroe Was My Childhood Shame
05-And As I Told You On This Chord Once Before
06-So As The Hour Goes On That I Will Spend With You
07-I Got A Tough Bastard Child Want To Become Into A Samurai
08-So Today Has Been A Good Day
09-My Name Is Sam McGee
10-Take Me To The Summer Road
11-My Feelings Begin To Grow
12-And I'd Like To Say Hello To Some Of My Friends
13-So The Mood Was Broken

recorded at the california medical facility (CMF) at vacaville in charlie's jail cell, 1983.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Now We've Been Into This Tape For About 40 Minutes

And Id Like To Say Hello To Some Of My Friends"....

please visit there sites.

Psyche Zenobia




Metallica - Demos

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since i am a fan of metallica (kill em all, ride the lightning, master of puppets, and justice for all) & all demos in between, i thought id post a site where you can download all of the demos. im not sure of who runs the site, but shout out to them!

if you like metallica and havent heard the early demos, check them out!

Check Out, Metallica - Demos

Charles Manson - Poor Old Prisoner Boy (*New Rip*)

shout out to gobacktogo for the rip & links!!

you might of seen a post of "poor old prisoner boy" on here when i 1st started the blog. here's the thing, the original rip had some problems. the b-side near the end wasnt finsihed and was overcome by static. not sure if gobacktogo noticed at first, but after listening i had contacted him and let him know. he was cool about it and said he will do another rip soon. basically the point of typing all this is to show how much of a cool guy gobacktogo is. not just because he had ripped it again, but because he has bought these (which cost alot) and decided to share (which he didnt have to) even tho these are limited to certain amount of copys (son of man, poor old prisoner boy, a taste of freedom) more people then gobacktogo have a copy, but hes the one who shared them with us. for that i thank him, thanks again brother!!

" This is a much better quality vinyl rip than the one I did before, so if you have the other one, it is worth replacing it with this.

The music itself is an unedited version of the "Live At San Quentin" tape, so although you'll think "I've heard this before" well yes, but you've only heard selections from this tape. On this album you'll find many sections that were edited out of the other release, and when you look back on things this was the original release from 1989, long before Grey Matter got their hands on it in 1993 and cut it all up.

Since the record sounds like it's cut a little too slow I altered the pitch (through my turntable not computer) and now it sounds like it's playing at the right speed & pitch, so Charles voice doesn't sound too low and murky.

Also on my previous rip near the end of the B-Side, noise overtook the recording, at first I thought my stylus had worn completley out, but it actually turned out to be static built up in my stereo cable linking to my computer. Once I replugged it everything was fine, so I now have a full 55min rip with no static available here for you guys. " - gobacktogo

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limited edition of 555 copies.

This record contains 55 minutes of live-music, recorded at vacaville in the early 80's.

01-Side A - 27:10
02-Side B - 26:46

Download Here

shout out to Psyche Zenobia
dont forget to check out Charles Manson & Friends - Music Blog & download.